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Elkhart County Commissioners have approved the demolition of six unsafe houses. Pictured is a now demolished house on Huron Street in Elkhart.

GOSHEN — Six more unsafe houses will be set for demolition in the coming months after a decision by the Elkhart County Commissioners on Monday.

The commissioners voted to advertise for bids for the tear-downs after county Building Commissioner Kevin Williams said the six properties had gone through the hearing process to be declared unsafe. Proposals will be due Oct. 21 and the work should be done by the end of the year.

The six properties are at 24584 C.R. 38, Goshen, and in Elkhart at 57342 Ne Ce Dah Drive, 51628 Lakeland Road and 25053, 25043 and 25171 California Court.

“They’re all in pretty bad shape. A few of them are burn-outs and one’s basically a pile of rubble. All of them have been unoccupied for years,” Williams said. “These properties have had a lot of complaints over the past few years.”

He said the three California Court houses are in the Prairie Creek Run neighborhood, which the county has been giving more focus for cleanup. He said three houses have been torn down in the past five years in that area, but several more are now going through the three-month process to be put on the demolition list.

Also Monday, commissioners opened bids for several six-figure projects. Those included:

n Three bids for a new human resources management software system. ADP is asking for a $101,700 initial setup fee and a yearly recurring cost of about $252,000; Tyler Technologies asked for a $102,200 implementation cost and $49,332 recurring; and Axia Consulting asked for a $244,350 net fee and an ongoing cost of $375,000.

n Three bids for constructing a new parking lot on newly acquired land near the county landfill. Niblock Excavating bid $69,835, Phend and Brown Inc. bid $153,161 and Walsh and Kelly Inc. bid $122,560.

n Three bids for paving projects in two subdivisions, De Camp Gardens on C.R. 18 and Eagle Point on C.R. 13. Niblock bid $169,699, Phend and Brown bid $203,203 and Walsh and Kelly bid $193,300.

And commissioners voted to put up arrow signs to alert drivers at two sharp turns in the county.

One is a 90-degree turn on C.R. 137 between C.R. 146 and U.S. 33. A large one-direction arrow will be placed on the south side facing north and one on the east side facing west.

“So all five vehicles a day on that road will know how to turn,” Commissioner Mike Yoder said. 

The other is a sharp curve on C.R. 111 at C.R. 22, which Highway Engineer Kent Schumacher said was realigned during the paving program this past summer. He said there was a one-way directional sign in place for southbound C.R. 111, but there was not previously a sign for eastbound C.R. 22.

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