Chambers co-sponsor talent management survey

Justin Weaver with Venture International talks about the results of a talent management survey Wednesday.

GOSHEN — A survey of over 100 companies and organizations in the region gave an idea of the performance and resilience that managers see in their employees.

The talent management survey was conducted by Venture International LLC with help from the Michiana Society for Human Resource Management and other area organizations, including the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. The results of the survey were presented Wednesday at the chamber.

The survey was conducted online in spring, drawing 112 responses from the leaders of for-profit and non-profit organizations. It addressed the issues of having a positive workplace culture, engaging and retaining employees, ongoing leadership development and employee resilience, defined as the ability to thrive despite adversity.

“We reported on the data that those results brought in, and then we did our own research out into the best practices from industry,” said Justin Weaver, a managing partner with the Hudsonville, Michigan company. “And then we brought those two together to share in the report as well as our own action steps and takeaways that people can use to try to grow their own companies in these four topic areas.”

Among the findings of the survey:

n Three-quarters of respondents believe their organization has a healthy culture, that employees feel valued and that they have effective ways to bring new employees onboard.

n Effective leadership training was reported at the senior and middle management levels, but less so among frontline workers. Respondents were also split on whether their organization provides comprehensive coaching.

n 78 percent of respondents said their employees are performing at a high level, but fewer said they have systems in place to improve performance.

n Just over half of respondents said employees in the region respond well to workplace adversity, though the share of negative responses leaves room for improvement, according to Venture’s report.

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