ELKHART — An Elkhart woman whose vehicle was struck by a train last June is suing the railroad, the state and an Elkhart company over the accident.

Lori Barton-Whitmer says she was driving north on Edwardsburg Avenue with her son in the vehicle on June 27, 2019, when they were struck by a train at a level crossing. She says she didn’t see the train because her view was blocked by a large tractor-trailer, dump truck and metal fence on the property of Sam Winer and Co. to the west.

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Joe King

How distracted do you have to be when you hit a train moving what...5 mph? They go sooooo sloooow thru that area....I hope they fight the suit....frivolous and it cost her money....how do you not see a 220 ton train! Jeeesh...


The train's horn was blaring too I'm sure. It does when it comes to the crossing at West Blvd


Lots of accusations here! Indiana state law says trains have the right of way. Imagine that! The rail crossing speed at the for trains there must be under 20 mph. and 4 crossings where horn and bells would be needed. hmmmm

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