ELKHART — Pontoons, power boats, bass boats, even a Jet Ski, were among more than 80 watercraft in a parade Sunday on the upper St. Joseph River in support of President Donald Trump.

Flags billowing in the wind, patriotic songs blaring from loudspeakers, banners and costumes were all part of the fun between the Six Span Bridge and the Johnson Street dam.

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Joe King

Another trump rally.....so it’s a fair question...because this has happened on several occasions. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-supporters-yell-white-power-084749099.html


JoeY is all mixed up AGAIN. Or just does not know his facts! Probably both. Confederate flags JoeY? From the south! White supremacists....Pacific northwest and Idaho and parts of Utah! And you know those KKKers started in Tennessee and I'd say they are a pretty much a DemonRat state since the Civil War! With 37 DemonRat govs! Certainly don't forget these names....Robert (KKK kleagle) Byrd (also Killary's mentor), Strom Thurmond, he even saw the error of his ways and went to the Republican side. But I believe he still voted against the LBJ voting rights act! Good old DemonRat Lester Maddox and another racist George Wallace. Took a gunshot to the gut to get Wallace to face his racism! And GOOD old Boy Bull Conner. Wasn't he top DemonRat racist in Selma. All great DemonRat racists! Hmmmmm!!!!!

Joe King

So that’s a yes?


It was a glorious day Joe. Sorry you missed it or was that you on Six Span Bridge? The parade was over a mile long at some point with 70 boats at least in the parade.

Joe King

I wonder if this trump gathering also had confederate flags and shouted white power too? I also wonder if they took a moment of silence for RBG or the 200,000 Americans that died due to covid? Trump lied, and 200,000 died....


Wow Joe, you couldn’t be more wrong. You had an opportunity to view the parade yourself but I realize it is hard to get out of the basement.

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