Tracking system to help sick firefighters get compensation

Truth file photo A new tracking system will ensure that Elkhart firefighters document every situation that could negatively affect their long-term health.

ELKHART — Firefighters are at greater risk than most of getting cancer. A new Elkhart Fire Department policy would make it easier to document how the firefighters' line of work may have contributed to them becoming sick.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, firefighters are 14% more likely to die from cancer than the rest of the population.

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So raindrop, right now I'm absolutely shocked. I want you to know I hardly ever watch Chicago Fire. Since there was nothing new to watch on the boob tube, I decided to watch it. Low and behold the battalion chiefs were called to a special meeting. Subject.... cancer in the work place. A 10 year firefighter giving a seminar on firefighter cancer. Almost the same exact words were spoken. And the dirty diesel fuel smoke from rigs was mentioned. If ya get a chance catch that part of the show On Demand. No mention of saunas and such. Thanx for your time!


Having a little experience with this type of firefighter danger, I say work hard work safe, be vigilant! Firefighting is a dirty job! Once you walk through those doors, you are hooked! Most know that this is the place you will spend most of your working life. You are hooked!! It's almost like a drug addiction! Keep fighting brothers and sisters for safer conditions. Let's discuss your downtime in quarters! You have at 2 out of 7 stations that have had mold problems. At least one of those 2 should have been bulldozed! It has been remediated twice. Think the mold is gone? No way! Years ago I had a few very informative telephone conversations with state EPA officials. He asked me about the remediation. Then he asked did the city change carpets, window dressings, fabric covered furniture, beddings, including disposal of all mattresses, and more. No was the answer! His statement was, "you still have mold"! The big thing about your stations fellow firefighters is the fact that that big red truck may be adding danger itself. 7 stations! Not one with equipment to catch dirty diesel smoke! It permeates every nook and cranny. Now another terrible problem popping up. Sleep depredation. There is growing evidence that lack of quality sleep is essential to the bodies ability to repair the everyday ongoing damage to the bag of bones you call you! A few years back before the new dispatch system came about, the intercom system would make a little static crack sound before the actual over air dispatch happened. In that small period of time firefighters were already sitting on the bed edges waiting to hear the dispatch. Is this quality sleep? So tuned in that you hear astatic crack in your sleep? Maybe! Just maybe! It's time to consider 8 hour shifts. I don't pretend to know the all the answers. But I all to well the experience and the end results! And here is a very scary statement. I leave you with this! The EPA guy told me, if it was up to him, he would shut down the majority of school buildings in Indiana. They are chocked full of different molds!


Lots of excuses here. It's a dangerous job that they're are fairly compensated for. From my knowledge there are many new methods to help detox the body after being exposed to the toxins such as: VO2 training, saunas, infrared saunas as well as a proper diet. As of last year they do NONE of the following. If it's such a concern and always has been, why the lack of proactiveness?


So raindrip you will bet your life saunas and infrared saunas and VO2 ! So I had no idea what infrared sauna was so I did a little reading. Pretty slippery science there drippy! Didn't see anything about cancer treatments or cures. Detox the body huh! It's a wonder no one ever discovered that as a cancer cure! But heck now that we know you as an expert, certainly you will be detoxing firefighters. Does infraredding help in better sleep? Cause that's a huge problem. Let me know when ya make your first million! I've been gone from the fire business for 12 years now. So about 24years ago EFD started and ordered daily physical training and exercise programs.

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