Funding for revamping the Tolson Center was on the table at a Thursday night Finance Committee meeting. It did not go as planned.

ELKHART — City Council members competed in a shouting match on Thursday evening as they were expected to reach an agreement on a $5 million investment on the Tolson Center.

It was the second Finance Committee-of-the-Whole meeting of the week, as one Wednesday was for public input only, and Thursday’s was just for council discussion and a vote on what to recommend.

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Another post not allowed!! Why this time Rasmus? You protecting someone?

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

Two things led me to make that decision. I have found no evidence that the person you accused of doing what you accused him of actually did that. So, 1: It's an issue of posting things that are not true, and 2: since the accusation is of something I believe would be criminal, it's a liability concern. If you were to make the same comment but without the word "personal," I don't think there would be an issue.


Then I will just say that Mr Dawson is the wrong guy to have leading this issue on the counsel. He is very divisive and has a somewhat checkered past. Does that meet your standard?

Joe King

He explained why the paper blocks post. Mainly for untruths and personal attacks. Either follow these standards or don’t post... its rather pretty simple...

Joe King

Hey Henke, what does karma taste like? You really brought up Congressman Schiff? really? playing to your base?


You have to pass it to find out what's in it! Ever hear that before Joe?

Joe King



Joe PLEASE! Your friend Nan! Remember?

Joe King

I have no idea what you are writing about....please explain....


If I were a member in the meeting and discussion/debate had been shut down as it apparently was, I would have definitely voted against the measure until questions could be allowed and answered. This is not a good process and hopefully not something that continues for then next few years. This is not how government should work.

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