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ELKHART — An unnamed suspect in a downtown Elkhart police chase died Sunday morning after crashing by the Elkhart post office at 601 S. Main St., according to the Elkhart Police Department.

At 4:55 a.m., officers were responding to a 911 call in the 2200 block of Morehouse Avenue. The caller had reported hearing a female screaming, police said.

When officers arrived, dispatch advised that the suspect was leaving in an SUV. When officers saw the vehicle, they began a pursuit. During the chase, the driver of the SUV disregarded the railroad crossing arms at Main Street and Middlebury Street and then collided with a parked car and a landscape planter and struck the post office, police said.

The driver was found unresponsive and was pronounced dead, police said.

Detectives with the Elkhart County Homicide Unit were investigating.

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I was at Parkmore Plaza waiting for my order from our local pizza establishment. I looked out the front door at the newly completed section of road work. I was disappointed with the look of the street light poles. The street job has yet to be completed and it already looks like it needs repaired. Two of the poles weren’t standing straight and were leaning. The job isn’t finished and it already looks like it needs repaired. There are 2 poles that definitely need attention and should be made to stand straight and upright. They look like with a little time the could fall over. Not happy with our tax dollars being spent this way to start with.


Don't worry about your tax dollars! Those light poles are not owned by the taxpayers. They are owned by the power company. Contact them and tell em. If ya think you can get to some one that really cares. I've been trying to get a NIPSCO pole guide wire removed for 20 years!

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