courthouse pic

Pictured is the Elkhart County Courthouse in Goshen.

GOSHEN — A study of the courts in Elkhart County recommends not only vacating the two individual buildings but also reorganizing the judiciary into three divisions.

The Elkhart County Board of Commissioners approved a $45,000 study of the courts facilities in Elkhart and Goshen last year, with an eye for consolidating them into a single building. Findings so far released by the consulting firm suggest that a new space could be occupied as soon as 2023.

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I predict that the new court building will be located on the Elkhart County Jail property.


Sounds good to me. Jail transport at a minimum!


Sounds like they went into the study with the solution already determined that a brand new building was the answer and then fit the study to justify it. Here is a line from the article concerning a wall that was reinforced in the Elkhart Courthouse:

"It is at best unsightly and doesn’t produce the solid unshakable look that a Courthouse should provide for its community.”

So it is better to spend an outrageous amount of money because something isn't pretty enough? This study must have been done by the same group that justified the Taj Mahal weight room built at Concord! Lavish spending on a new facility and leave behind empty buildings? Do the voters get a voice on the funding?


I agree Fly, looks like we will be getting a new court building and leaving more buildings empty. To add to the problem, the empty ugly buildings will have little or no commercial value. Who would want them?



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