New officers hired in Elkhart

The newly hired patrol officers are, from left, Nathanial Toth of Granger, Seth Youngblood of Osceola, Bryce Moore of Elkhart, Anthony Reese of Elkhart, Gavin Headley of Mishawaka, Kristopher Kreager of Nappanee and Derek Heign of Bristol.

ELKHART — Mayor Rod Roberson sworn seven new city police officers to duty Monday during the Police Merit Commission meeting.

The hiring of seven new officers brings the department’s staff to 140 of the budgeted 143 positions.

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Only 2 flags on my flag pole Fly By! U S flag and state of Indiana. I never stated there was no problem. Another low Fly By Joe! Since 2015 twice as many whites are killed each year by police than blacks! Almost 100% are found to be justified. If you want to complain or act like you care Fly By, get involved in the murderous city to the west of Elkhart. South Bend! 5 shot in 2 days and over 300 shots fired on the streets in the same period. Better yet Fly By get involved with trying to stop the carnage in Chiraq/ Chicago. What was it, like 17or 20 some killed last weekend. But no one cares!

Joe King

That's a pretty white photo.....How many minorities does the EPD have?


There has been an on going campaign for years to hire minorities in the fire and police depts. Educate yourself if at all possible!

Joe King

The photo shows it's working...perhaps you are the one who needs an education....Or, are you just going to take a knee on that?


When you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about Joe, YOU should keep your incendiary drive by gobbledygook to yourself!

Joe King

FIre, I guess by your response you are going to take a knee. Even in these trying times with police abuse and racial can't even admit we have a problem....not surprised....go fly your confederate flag....

SanFran Kid

Seams like a lot cops for a city of 55,000

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