Rod Roberson

Rod Roberson spoke to the Greater Elkhart Young Professionals at the Matterhorn on Thursday.

ELKHART — Newly elected Mayor Rod Roberson revealed parts of his early agenda at a Thursday luncheon with Elkhart’s Young Professionals.

But the mayor began his speech to the Young Professionals, which is a part of the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, by encouraging the largely millennial group to engage in civic society.

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Follow Rasmus S. Jorgensen on Twitter at @ReadRasmus

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Yep! If ya look back at what I said about the new mayor you will see that I think he deserves a chance. BUT! He just made a big stupid statement. HE DOES NOT CARE if you are undocumented. If you are here illegally you have NO say so in government. Try going south of the border and try to tell the government how to run their country!

Joe King

um...America does that everywhere it goes....what an ignorant statement...


Mayor doesn't care if, "you're undocumented or not". We've got a problem folk's, it's not even Month two and the mayor is confused about our Federal laws...

Joe King

Ha....."took yer jobs".... the jobs are leaving for Mexico and other low paying countries.... IT isn't that undocumented people are coming...I don't think he is confused on Federal laws...I think he is more concerned with REAL local issues.... I can't wait to see how his administration and current council do things....


Only Joe can argue that jobs are leaving when the country has the lowest unemployment in 50 years and low and middle class wages are rising. What are the real local issues Joe? Tolson Center?

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