Residents speak on handling of parks chief issues

Randall Norton

ELKHART — Some Elkhart residents said they suspect race has a role in how the mayor and City Council are handling recent out-of-state embezzlement charges against parks superintendent Randall Norton.

But the mayor and city council members said race does not play a role.

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Joe you should know better. The Tolson occurrences were found by internal audit after internal accusations. The City had access and controlled the information gathering. In the current case we do not have access or control. We have a charge from another State which must be followed up with. The new superintendent has been employed here for less than six months. Not much access to money however on the taxpayer's behalf an audit is indicated. Not so much from what we suspect but what we can learn about money management and improvements to our internal control policies. We owe the taxpayers a full investigation. The Michigan issue will be addressed there and we will learn the results as you do. The Superintendent is employed by the mayor so it is his call to retain or terminate according to law.


What is the status of the out of state charge against Mr. Norton? Has there been a warrant issued for his arrest? Did the city know of the pending charges against Mr. Norton when he was hired? If not, why not? Was a background check done before he was hired?


Embezzlement? Working a part time gig where he may gain benefit from his current gig? Clearly this man is on the fast track for a Cabinet position in Washington!

Joe King

Nekeisha was 100% right! Why the difference in treatment of Mr. Riley and Mr. Norton? Totally hypocritical of the republican lead commission. Their bigoted and racist undertones are now coming out for the entire community to shine. Come on Henke....try to justify this.... Mr. Norton has a mug shot and Mr. Riley does not...... Where is your outrage? The silence and inaction speaks volumes...


Niece does whatever the loudest person in the room tells him to do - he and the council should be ashamed that Norton isn’t out the door. Nice parks and Rec leadership


And all this while I am handling finances for a Not-For-Profit organization, exactly the way it is supposed to be done, and all I get from the 'people in charge are complaints that I am 'so micromanaging'. There is no 1 penny difference in Mathematics (and therefore Accounting). Calling being exact and down to the point (penny) 'micro-management clearly shows that many have no clue, and they should not be trusted with money.

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