Police officer charged with impaired driving now on unpaid leave

Scott Haigh

ELKHART — An Elkhart police officer charged with impaired driving is now on unpaid leave, after eight months of administrative leave with pay.

Cpl. Scott Haigh, 41, was arrested after Elkhart police responded to a two-vehicle crash at 3rd and Franklin streets on Dec. 18. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, a Class A misdemeanor.

On Dec. 19, Haigh was placed on leave with pay, intended to last until the case was completed. However, Chief of Police Chris Snyder decided too much time had passed without a resolution for Haigh to still receive a paycheck.

Snyder in March requested a change in city rules to allow his department to request that officers on paid leave go to unpaid leave after 60 days, he said.

“That 60 days for officer Haigh has come and gone, and there is still some pending criminal proceedings that are going on,” said Snyder, requesting that the Elkhart Board of Public Safety place Haigh on unpaid leave.

More than 80 days had passed from when Haigh was suspended when Snyder requested the policy change in March, but the chief said any officer who was suspended at that time was given an additional 60 days. After that, Snyder felt there were some circumstances, which he didn’t disclose, that warranted an extension for Haigh.

Haigh is scheduled for a change of plea hearing on Oct. 30 in Elkhart County Superior Court 6.

The Board of Public Safety voted unanimously to place Haigh on unpaid leave.

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Some common sense from the Elkhart Board of Public Safety and the Chief. This is something I could get used to. 60 days is plenty of time for them to drag their feet....

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