Parent seeks at-large seat on Elkhart school board

Kellie Mullins

ELKHART — Kellie Mullins, a local hair artist and businesswoman, is hoping to fill an at-large seat on the Elkhart school board.

Mullins is one of six candidates running for two open at-large seats on the board, for that race the seats will go to the two highest vote-getters.

Meanwhile, there are two candidates vying for the District B seat.

Three board members’ terms are expiring this year: Glenn Duncan, District B, and the at-large seats held by Karen Carter and Jeri Stahr. Carter has said she will not seek re-election.

A native of Detroit, Mullins moved to Elkhart the end of her sophomore year where she attended and graduated from Concord High School.

While attending Concord, she was introduced to the Elkhart Area Career Center and graduated from the center’s cosmetology program.

She and her husband, Ed, have three children, two of whom have graduated from Elkhart Central and one who is currently a senior there.

She also has a granddaughter who is a kindergartner at Eastwood Elementary school.

Currently, Mullins runs her own spa business at Allure Salon and Spa, located on a strip mall on Easy Shopping Place. 

She’s been involved in Elkhart Community Schools for 24 years in various volunteer roles such as the parent teacher association, fundraising campaigns, multiple boards and other roles.

After participating in the education of her children and next generation of her family, Mullins said she wants to reach every family in the area by serving on the school board.

“I want to be the voice that’s learning with the community so we can understand what’s happening in our school system,” she said. “I’m a deep believer in wanting to support our elementary schools to build them up to where they need to be so when we create a rigorous environment that grows from elementary on up to our high schools, we’ve developed a community that is a strong one.”

She said she believes the school board needs fresh faces and fresh voices representing an ever-changing school dynamic.

“We need people on the school board with multi-dimensional perspectives,” she said. “We need people who are not afraid to hear what our staff, parents, and students are saying and affirm to help make the changes necessary to make our school the powerhouse they once were, could be now and absolutely will be again. We need voices who aren’t afraid to trudge through the difficult tasks to make a difference.”

“I believe, and will fight for this school system and for all that it represents,” she said.

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Hair art ? Coloring hair is now art ? Folks, we are finished as a culture. That is nothing more than desperation for some pathetic need of recognition. C'mon here.

Deuce Luminox

Does the Truth plan on sharing any other candidates with us prior to the election? Hopefully well before the election?

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

We do indeed. If I'm counting right, this was the third in the series Blair Yankey is writing on the Elkhart school board candidates.
Thanks for asking.

Deuce Luminox

There are six candidates and election day will soon be upon us. I'd suggest coverage of all of the candidates well before election day.

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

Actually, I was just informed that we have done four of these so far and that the last two will likely run over the next week.

Oh Whale

THREE CHEERS FOR, "the school board needs fresh faces and fresh voices representing an ever-changing school dynamic!"

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