ELKHART— The second Jimmy John's sandwich shop in Elkhart is opening on Tuesday, but it's old hat for owner Andy Knapcik.

The new Jimmy John's restaurant at the corner of Nappanee Street and Bypass Road will be his 13th – eight of which are in Michiana. It joins other Jimmy John's locations at 155 C.R. 6 West, just east of Emerson Drive, 4542 Elkhart Road (U.S 33) in Dunlap and 2028 Lincolnway East in Goshen.

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Revolution 1776

Too bad people have to work Sunday's. Shows who are true God in this country is. The almighty $$$..

Regis Ignunt

It's too bad people think their religious beliefs should dictate how other people live their lives.



People do not have to work Sunday's as there are thousands and thousands of businesses that either operate Mon-Fri or Mon-Sat. If one works on Sunday it is because they have made the choice to so so.


You don't have to work on Sunday plus as I read what people comment on I am assured that there are plenty of people out there that don't believe In God or Jesus so working on a Sunday wont bother them. Also if you are definately against thier hours you don't have to make any purchases on Sunday either!


I guess doctors, nurses and police etc shouldn't have to work Sundays either.

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