Millions in federal dollars touch down at Elkhart airport

Truth file photo $5.9 million in federal funds are expected to pay for improvements to the Elkhart Municipal Airport from 2020 to 2025. Airport director David Pixey said the airport brings in millions in business every year.

ELKHART —  The FAA has agreed to invest an additional $5.9 million in the Elkhart Municipal Airport between 2020 and 2025, city offiicials said this week.

Outgoing Mayor Tim Neese said this week that federal investment in the Elkhart Municipal Airport will continue for years to come.

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Joe King

With all the repair work and grants, I hope they also raise the monthly rents to recoup some of the cost the "average citizen" has pay for the "above average citizen's" planes and jets . The only event the "average citizen" gets to enjoy at no cost is the car sales event.....


I love it when Joe posts! An airport is where airplanes take off and land! Correct Joe? What "events" would you expect. Rock concerts maybe? Now that you have insinuated the wealth card, (planes and jets), I'm wondering! If there are ANY private jets there! I know there are corporate jets and a charter jet company! But ya know Joe the airport shouldn't be losing money! It' a City department!! I leave ya with this message in 2012 from the Aviation Assoc. of Indiana. Elkhart's airport's economic impact is $197 million annually! More than1520 jobs would not exist! Imagine what that amount is in todays economy!

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