Mayor, in annual address, says he's optimistic

Mayor Rod Roberson, in his annual State of the City Address from City Hall, says he’s encouraged by recent economic growth.

ELKHART — Economic good fortune experienced by the community in recent months will allow local government to invest in efforts that will ensure future growth and prosperity, Mayor Rod Roberson said Wednesday night in his annual State of the City Address.

“The state of the city is strong,” Roberson said in his presentation at City Hall. “I stand before you feeling very optimistic about the future of this city.”

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Two years into this administration and still nothing about a much needed police department building.


All 3 "pillars" have been a fail. Policing has not improved, hard to do that with a shortage of 30+ officers. The "equitable" investment has only taken place south of the railroad tracks. And the Tolson project, which was given $10 million over a year ago, still hasn't started??? Who's holding onto that money? Amazon is coming to the COUNTY, not the City. All in all I'd say he's failed greatly.


Could have built a nice golf course for the city or restored the Elks after filling it with sewage for a lot less than what has been spent on the Tolson Center, but that is a different story.


The city was approached about "buying" Cristiana Creek, but after Oak Hills took its financial toll, they wanted no part of it. Plus with the employment situation the way it is, who would they get to staff it?


Just an observation and a prediction, Max! U R correct that Amazon is outside corporate limits! I'll make a prediction! It won't be long and it will be annexed! The city limits is now half way between CR15 and CR17 on CR 6! All that industry will be annexed! Lots of tax money out there. Even with some abatements. Abatements don't last forever and commercial and industrial business like the lower insurance rates. The city has already provided city water and sewer. I predict soon, all property west of 17 from CR6 to CR18 will be Elkhart City addresses. The City has already annexed some industry on Beck drive all the way to CR 19!


I don't disagree with you at all. Unfortunately the city does not have the resources to adequately cover this area with police and fire services. And since none of the county departments want to work with this current administration, I don't see how the city will be able to provide decent service.

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