IOI bankruptcy

ELKHART — A judge has approved a settlement agreement between Najeeb Khan and his wife ahead of a multimillion-dollar auction of the former business owner’s property.

Najeeb Khan was the head of Interlogic Outsourcing Inc. until he and the Elkhart payroll company filed for bankruptcy last year and the company was sold. The bankruptcies followed claims that Khan made fund transfers that the company couldn’t cover, leaving banks and thousands of clients owed hundreds of millions of dollars, including taxes that were collected but not paid.

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Joe King

Still hasn’t been arrested...and people wonder why the justice system caters to the rich and rules the poor....


He must have a slew of good attorneys Joe! Guess ya missed the paragraph about Khan says the statute of limitations applies . I don't know! But ya can't arrest anyone without warrants and charges. Ya can't take his passport without a courts ruling. And until he is convicted of a crime, he can possess a firearm. Strange but true. Even crooks have rights. He is cooperating with the authorities so far. If he stops, I'd bet things might get much more sticky for Mr Khan!

Revolution 1776

Why would he need to keep the 9 mm??


If I had "ripped-off" that many people, people knowing it's highly unlikely they'll recoup little, if any, of their $$, I may want to sport a firearm also.

Revolution 1776

Oh, ok, [crying]

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