ELKHART — Two Elkhart police officers accused of unreasonable use of force against an arrestee were placed on unpaid administrative leave on Monday.

Officers Cory Newland and Joshua Titus previously were placed on paid administrative leave after the release of videotape in November revealing that they had repeatedly punched a handcuffed suspect in the face and pushed him to the ground when he spat at one of them. They were charged with misdemeanor battery. 

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I think the that were standing there watching all that should have at least tried to stop it or be put on unpaid leave also for doing nothing.


If Snyder thinks he has broad support from the community he is either delusional or lying. We are outraged as a community Chief Snyder! We are embarrassed that our city was on national news for such a disgraceful act of excessive force. There is no such thing as “an isolated case” in police work. The other officers seen in the video appear completely unsurprised by the beating. They casually stand by as if this is how it goes. There’s a reason for low turnout at town hall meetings. People don’t trust law enforcement in Elkhart. They feel like they will be targeted by the officers. This entire department and has caused all of us to be less safe. Wait and see. We haven’t seen it all yet.


When are the officers body camera recordings going to be released to the public? So far, only part of the recording at the jail has been widely broadcasted.


"He said he believes the department has broad support from the community, and that people appear to understand that this case was about two officers, not the entire department."

How wrong you are Chief! When an Asst Chief comes out and blames the press for sticking their nose in the cover up, that is a fish that is rotting from the head on down! I used to blindly support the Elkhart Police. I'm not sure I trust them anymore, especially higher up the food chain. This case is about much more than the the two officers. It is about an agency the public has little reason to trust anymore.

Joe King

well said


I totally agree with you, very well spoken. I’d like to add We’re would that inmate be or one of us had we attacked & beat up an Officer ? Not sitting in the general public on unpaid leave.

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