Elkhart officer admits to drunken driving

Scott Haigh

ELKHART — An Elkhart Police officer has admitted to intoxicated driving after he was involved in a crash in December 2018.

Scott Haigh, 41, pleaded guilty to operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, a Class A misdemeanor. He received a one-year suspended jail sentence, to be served on reporting probation.

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While U R at this Civil Rights thing, please name them!


Fire bad spray fire with water no breath smoke. Come on FIRE! Does the wool scratch your eyelids?


Ah yes! Misdirection. A favorite of the uniformed! No answers. Just misdirection!


Chief Snyder must not care about the public's safety. A drunk officer on/off duty is a deadly variable to have on the roads. Guess we will have to turn on our drunk cop scanners when in town.


Very strange how correction believes an off duty cop should be punished just like a civilian, but not allowed to do stupid things like civilians do. Drunk driving is NOT OK! But I didn't see any hint that he was on duty! The guilty officer is being punished severely. Luckily there were no injuries. Most DUIs end with fine and court costs and license suspension! Just asking "correction"...would you lose your income for months if you were DUI? I suspect that was a $16,000 set back. In the long run this DUI may cost the officer upwards of $25,000! Remember "correction" the department punishment is not in known as yet. If he keeps his job, he ill certainly lose more money. Believe it or not "correction", cops have civil rights also!


I'd bet you 90% of cops don't know what civil rights even are, sober or drunk. They don't follow their written and taught standard operating procedures. Not only have we seen multiple cops locally break the law but they are not held to the same standards as civilians.

Take the SB cop that was doing 100mph not running code and killed that poor lady driving home last year, wheres he. I believe he was breaking several rules, FREE. How about the State trooper that did an illegal U-turn on the Toll road and killed a motorcyclist and lied about performing CPR, wheres he? FREE. But the teenager texting and driving that killed little kids has a hefty prison sentence, weird how that works.

Come on "FIRE" tell me again how LEOS are held to the same standard as civilians.

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