Police in snow

SIMONTON LAKE — An Elkhart man was arrested after allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase on his snowmobile while intoxicated.

Ryan Hire, 37, was arrested Saturday following the 15-minute chase that looped around Simonton Lake. He was charged with two counts of resisting law enforcement, a Level 6 felony.

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I guess the relevance of the photo to the story is snow on the ground? The photo of an Elkhart city police car in the snow to an Elkhart County police car in the snow 4 miles north escapes me!

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

That is a fair criticism.

Here is why we are using this file photo:

We did not have a picture of that actual incident and did not run a photo in print. I decided to use this photo online, where I could have used one of our standard images of police lights instead. My decision to use this one was simply about it being a police car in the snow, and I figured it could get a bit boring if we use the same photos for all police matters. As you can see in the caption, this is a file photo - we are not pretending that this was from the incident.


It's not personal! Did ya lean out the window at the Truth? lol

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

I understand your point, and it did not seem personal to me, but thank you clarifying anyway.

I took the photo last winter from the top of the Elkhart Truth building. I think it was on a day that many organizations had closed because of extreme cold, so police officers were just about the only people who were driving.

Joe King

If looking at a photo is how you get your news, then we now know the reason for your difficulties. Try reading words for more precise information and facts. Its snow, its law enforcement, its a photo and actually says "file photo"...jeesh... However, if the Elkhart Truth or Mr. Jorgensen wants to put a request in for a company snowmobile from the current owners for more acturate winter jounalism, I would be in favor of you paying for it.

Revolution 1776

Wow, just curious why the officer attempted to stop him in the first place if he was just snowmobiling around.


Because riding a snowmobile on the road is illegal for starters.... And being 2AM usually means they aren't going to Martins for bread and milk....

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