Elkhart man accused of violent rape

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ELKHART — An Elkhart man is accused of raping a woman during a violent assault in April.

Adam Grove, 28, is charged with rape as a Level 1 felony in court documents filed Friday. He was also charged with intimidation and battery both with a deadly weapon, Level 5 felonies, and strangulation, a Level 6 felony.

His charges together represent a potential maximum punishment of more than 48 years in prison. The charges were filed in Elkhart County Superior Court 1 following an investigation by Elkhart police.

According to court documents: 

The alleged victim came to the Elkhart Police Department April 7 to report a sexual assault that had occurred two nights ago.

She said she had gone to see Grove at his Elkhart home, where at one point he told her, “You’re going to give me some before you leave.” She told him no, and also refused to remove her clothes when he asked.

He then forcefully removed her clothes and raped her. 

He later asked her for the PIN to her phone, and when she refused to give it, he put his hands around her neck and squeezed hard enough that she had trouble breathing. He told her that if she didn’t give him the code to unlock her phone, she would die.

After she finally gave it, he made her sit crying and naked on the floor while he questioned her.

He got close to her face, told her not to lie and then headbutted her above the bridge of her nose, causing pain and bruising. He also hit her in the mouth with his hand, leaving a bruise on her lower lip.

After the victim denied the things Grove was accusing her of, he found a hammer and told her that if she didn’t tell the truth, she wouldn’t make it out alive. He hit her on the left side of the head near her eye with the handle of the hammer, leaving another bruise.

He continued to hold the hammer as he forced her to commit other sexual acts.

She later fled the residence after Grove fell asleep, leaving some of her personal property behind.


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