Elkhart man accused of stabbing relative to death on State Line Road

Photo supplied/ABC57A Michigan State Police mobile crime lab was parked on the scene of a fatal stabbing in the 16000 block of State Line Road after an Elkhart man was accused of killing his relative, 59-year-old Alan Craigo.

MASON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Police say an Elkhart man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a relative to death on State Line Road on Monday evening.

A 32-year-old is accused of stabbing Alan Craigo, 59, several times inside a home in the 16000 block of State Line Road in Cass County, Michigan's Mason Township. Craigo was pronounced dead after the incident, according to our news partners at ABC57.

Investigators say Craigo and the suspect were arguing before the stabbing and the suspect left right after the attack, then returned. The suspect was at the residence when Michigan State Police troopers arrived on the scene around 8:20 p.m. and he was arrested on the spot, ABC57 reported.

Police declined to say why the suspect left and returned.

"I do know why he left the scene but he had told me during the interview he felt it was self-defense and then he returned back to the scene he also called 911 and waited for the police to arrive," Detective Sgt. Fabian Suarez of the Michigan State Police Niles post told ABC57. "The spouse called 911 first and then (the suspect) did make a call a few minutes later to central, to dispatch."

Investigators say Craigo and the suspect are related, but they haven't said how. The suspect's name will not be released until he appears before a judge for an arraignment at Tuesday afternoon.

Craigo's autopsy was scheduled to be completed today, ABC57 reported.

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I grew up next door. I only wish there were words that could take away your pain. Prayers. So sad.

dailey reader

My heart goes out this family...i am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.... Beth Null

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