ELKHART — Dancing, hugs and more than a few tears marked the historic four-part commencement this weekend of Elkhart High School’s first unified class since 1972.

More than 700 students participated in graduation ceremonies at the newly formed high school’s twin campuses – two at Elkhart West, formerly Elkhart Memorial, and two at Elkhart East, formerly Elkhart Central.

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Cheryl W.

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! YOU DID IT! Congrats to the teachers who earn every penny they make. Please do not pay attention to someone who clearly didn't do his homework!! You did!!! We all know those making that money are 12 month administrators who work 60-80 hour weeks. YOU students and teachers and parents and administrators ROCK and you especially deserve congratulations for all of your efforts this particular school year!!

Don't let a misinformed individual take your excellent accomplishment from you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Yes, a big shout out to all graduates, good job. Sorry to you seniors who lost out on in class education and socialization because the teachers union was afraid to do their job in person in school.

Sun soaked, get out of the sun, you’ve had enough. No administrator works 60 -80 hours per week, twelve months a year. That is just nonsense.

SanFran Kid

Never should have got rid of Blue Blazers,a total unique,and original name,Lions,dime a dozen,Bought lightbulbs from Elkhart Lions


So we really won't be saving any $$$$$ as promised by the carpet bagger ex superintendent and now we are to battle referendums quite often. Maybe the answer is not to curtail bussing to more Elkhart students, but to look at the huge abundance of $$$$$$$$$$$ paid in wages. Over 2 dozen teachers pulling down over $100,000 yearly! Or should I say half/yearly!! $100,000 divided by 180 school days equals $555.55 a day. Or if you divide that daily rate by 10 hours a day worked (LOL) , $55.55 an hour. Now look! Teachers are fine people and most do a good job. If I were an educated person I am sure I could not teach. Most teachers do not work 10 hours daily. Most work maybe 8. Still! Teaching is a job most can not do. But $55 an hour in a job that gives you every week end off, every major holiday off , plus personal days off, plus spring break, plus Christmas break , semester breaks, AND the WHOPPER,.... almost 2 months off in the summer! But we still can't attract or retain good teachers? Chargers and Blazers and Lions OH NO!

Joe King

We should apply your theory to fire fighters…right? They only work a few hours a week putting out fires or a few more for paramedics? The rest of the time they are just hanging around…not working a full day, eating food and sleeping on tax payers dime..driveling around on tax payers equipment…how many ast chiefs do you need? Their pension and pay is exuberant too….anything else we can compare your hatered of public schools too?police? Get a clue fire…. Congratulations graduates and well done educators for getting thru a pandemic.

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