Elkhart logos

At left is the logo used under mayors Dave Miller and Tim Neese. Mayors Jim Perron, Dick Moore and now Rod Roberson, if not others, have used the logo to the right.

ELKHART — It’s a new old look for Elkhart.

For the fourth time in four administrations, the City of Elkhart logo has changed.

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Just wondering between all these mayors, changing City logos, back and forth! The cost must be substantial! Letterheads, paper correspondence, mailing envelopes and more! I guess Tip O'Neil said it well...."All politics is local"!

Joe King

cost of letterhead now.....always has to be something... Can't it be when they reorder, they put the new one on? Isn't that simple? jeesh...


U R correct Joe! U always are! You certainly are an expert. It shows in your other post about county runoff control. Reminds me of a fellow I know defined an expert to me... X an unknown quantity! Spurt...a small amount of water! That's defines JoeKing… an unknow drip!

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