ELKHART — Shaun Edgerton has been named chief of the Elkhart Fire Department, Mayor Rod Roberson announced Monday.

“Shaun brings to this role an extensive knowledge of Elkhart and its Fire Department,” Roberson said. “His administrative experience and problem-solving skills will serve this department and elevate the service provided to the unparalleled level.”

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I’ve always thought very highly of Mr. Kamp and I’m sure has represented the EFD very professionally. To replace him with a 6 year removed assistant, are we to believe that Chief Edgerton is up to date with his training and regulations knowledge that should an emergency present itself be qualified to manage it, or is the Mayor giving him time to bring his game up to speed???


A fire chief does not manage emergency scenes. A fire chief has many assist. The chief of the dept manages the overall system. At Elkhart he has an assist. There are investigators / inspectors, there is an EMS director/chief, training chief. There are 3 shift chiefs and 3 assist shift chiefs. The 3 shift chiefs and their assist. run A B and C shift. The system works very well. The EFD Fire Chief works as a liaison between the Dept. and City hall.


I am not sure if Indiana law requires a fire chief or police chief to be a accredited officer. They are appointed. They are essentially a CEO and liaison to the Mayor's office. Police and fire chiefs are surrounded by assistants. The fire chief before Mr Kamp stepped into the job , was a retired firefighter. Years ago the Elkhart Police dept. had a retired county officer appointed chief! Appointed jobs are just that. Appointed! And Mr Kamp understands that. I'm sure Mr Kamp appreciates the kind words. But politics are politics. A mayor may appoint who he wishes and Chief Edgerton deserves his chance.


So he retired after 30 years and went into private sales for our 6 years. Then he gets hired back as the chief so he can get another pension. Must be nice to know the right people. So what happens to Mr Kamp? There is no information other than he was replaced by a salesman.


"Edgerton previously spent 30 years with the Elkhart Fire Department and rose to the rank of assistant chief."

Perhaps he is qualified.


He deserves his chance!


Let's get over this accusations debacle. First of all Mr Edgerton will not get another pension. Fire and police department are covered by the Public Employees Retirement Fund. You an only get one PERF pension! Fire and police chiefs are administrative. To tell you the truth I don't believe they are even required to be current with fire or police credentials. You need to educate yourself! When you take an appointed position, you can be replaced at the bosses whim! Steve Kamp will be just fine. He realizes politics. You don't. I worked with both these men. They ARE professionals.


He can't get another pension! Mr Edgerton is under the PERF pension system (Public Employees Retirement Fund). Only one allowed per customer! Mr Edgerton was a previous Assist. chief of EFD and paramedic. What more do you need to know? The chief's job is appointed. The mayor can appoint who he likes! It's Chief Edgerton's job now! He deserves his chance!

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