Developers to test soil at former Alick's property

Rendering provided Portage Place Development LLC are planning to build 21 high-end condominiums in the 900 block of East Jackson Boulevard in Elkhart, but a deal has yet to be finalized with the city's Redevelopment Commission. The commission on Tuesday allowed the developers to test the soil on the property. 

ELKHART — The likely developers of the former Alick's property on East Jackson Boulevard have been granted access to the site in order to test if the land is favorable to development.

Portage Place Development LLC's $100,000 bid for the site between the St. Joseph and Elkhart rivers was tentatively approved by the Elkhart Redevelopment Commission in June.

A bid from the Elkhart Rowing Club, also for $100,000, was turned down.

Among the commission's reasons to only tentatively accept the bid was a wish to have public access from East Jackson Boulevard to the St. Joseph River. This was not included in Portage Place Development's plan to build 21 high-end condominiums, but was among a list of items the former commission president Steve Eldridge said would be discussed before a deal would be signed.

Also on that list was Portage Place Development's wish to perform a soil boring.

"If we're able to get the access agreement tonight, we plan on being on site tomorrow," said David Weaver, one of the partners in the development project, at the Tuesday meeting.

The Redevelopment Commission approved the access agreement. They have yet to see a purchase and development agreement draft, according to Abby Wiles, the city's assistant director for community, economic and redevelopment.

The former Alick's property is in the 900 block of East Jackson Boulevard.

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Joe King

Did Mr. Weaver also say they were going to add a public access area? I mean, the tax payers paid for it

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

He did not. I'm afraid I had to be elsewhere for the previous Redevelopment Commission meeting, but to my knowledge this aspect hasn't been settled yet. It is my understanding that the commission feels pretty strongly about making public access a part of the deal before finalizing.

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