CWRV Transport to shut down

Elkhart-based CWRV Transport, 1702 S. Nappanee St., is shutting down on Nov. 1. A Colorado jury decided in September that the company must pay $26.6 million to the children of a couple killed when a CWRV driver fell asleep behind the wheel in 2017.

ELKHART — CWRV Transport is closing for good on Nov. 1 in the wake of a costly jury decision. 

The news was first reported by Freight Broker Live and confirmed Thursday by CWRV's former president, Dave Miller.

With about 540 drivers, CWRV Transport is one of the nation's largest RV transportation companies, according to RVBusiness Magazine. The drivers are hired as independent contractors and deliver to Camping World.

The shutdown follows a jury verdict forcing CWRV to pay $26.6 million to the children of a couple killed when a CWRV driver fell asleep while driving back from an RV delivery in June 2017, according to the Denver Post. The jury found that the driver was an agent of CWRV. The verdict was reached last month.

The driver, Mark Bollinger, pleaded guilty in 2018 to two charges of careless driving resulting in death and one charge of careless driving resulting in injury. He was fined and given a three-year suspended jail sentence, pending completion of two years of probation and 208 hours of community service, according to the Post.

Miller, who was Elkhart mayor from 2000 to 2007 and is now the Republican candidate for the same office, ran CWRV from its founding in 2013 to March 2017, he said. He said the fatal crash and the eventual compensation was significant in forcing the company to close. The 2017 crash happened after Miller left CWRV, he said.

"They had to deal with it the way a lot of other companies have, I guess. They had to close," he said.

According to Miller, RV manufacturers will still be able to have their units moved to dealerships, as the independent contractors will quickly be hired by other transportation companies.

"Somebody is going to move them. It just, unfortunately, won't be the company that I helped to build, and I was devastated by the news," Miller said.

While some drivers live in Elkhart, many live in other states, he said.

"The one common denominator is they all end up here to pick up trailers and RVs and transport them to the rest of the country," he said.

The Colorado jury's decision, finding Bollinger to be an agent of CWRV, could have significant ramifications for the RV transportation industry, Miller said, as companies will have to figure out how to address their liability concerns.

According to Freight Broker Live, CWRV has been hiring new contractors as recently as this month. Freight Broker Live published an email allegedly from CWRV, stating that the company would shut down on Nov. 1 due to "business developments outside of our control."

According to the email, CWRV will process payment for all services rendered before Nov. 1.

"We have greatly appreciated all of you," the email concluded.

A representative of CWRV could not confirm or deny that shutdown on Friday afternoon. Management did not immediately respond to an interview request. 

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So really Joe! Are you related to that "shifty Schift" Trump alludes to ? I read the article fairly easily. Saw nowhere that Miller was the owner. He was the president! But shifty people make up stories to fit their scenarios. CWRV is a subsidiary of Camping World. Get it Joe C- for Camping, W- for World, R for Recreational, V- for Vehicle. The parent company has many huge businesses under it's umbrella. Add to that... Good Sam, and Gander Mountain! No Dave Miller! Head man is Marcus Lemonis. A very wealthy fellow with a net worth of $900 million!

Joe King

Oh are acting like a old man seeing google for the first time not knowing what you are actually seeing...being an exclusive transport for Camping World, does not mean they are owned by them.... It means they have the exclusive rights to transport for I really need to explain that to you? Face it, Dave Miller didn't get enough insurance to cover the business when he was the President of the company....


Oh by the way Joe! Since I found the ex mayor was not the owner....I found the owner to be Marcus Lemonis. He also owns Gander Mountain, Good Sam Club and many more high dollar businesses world wide. You probably won't like him! His net worth, $900,000,000!


Dog gone it Joe! I must have gotten a different printing of this story. No where does it say Miller owned CWRV! It does say Miller ran it! It also says the accident in question took place AFTER Miller left the company. And with the click of a mouse and a question to GOOGLE….who owns CWRV I found CWRV to be a subsidiary of, believe it or not CAMPING WORLD. Hence the abbreviation CWRV! Enough Joe? Got any more?


Spellcheck sucks, meant superior knowledge.


Come on Fire, you know that Joe is an expert at everything. I just wonder why with his support knowledge of all things that he is so unhappy and jealous. Poor Joe.

Joe King

Well, so much for Miller's past leadership....


To be fair, it sounds like the business failure is due to a substantial financial penalty against the company due to a driver mishap. That mishap happened several months after Mr. Miller departed.


I know nothing about contract labor law! It seems Joe does! So I accessed CWRV's website. They state they employ contract haulers only. That leads me to believe the company has no haulers of their own. In their statement they stress haulers are responsible to provide their own insurance. Just sayin!!! Maybe Joe with his learned knowledge of all things can enlighten us!

Joe King

They didn't have enough insurance to cover the lawsuit. They should have known better. Poor management. They hired the subcontractors to work for them. That doesn't excuse or clear them.... Poor training, poor work ethics...always about get it delivered and get back to haul more...they don't pay for the downtime to rest while doing long haul, just mileage...Driver would have their own insurance, but the company should also have enough for crashes like this....Especially how many drivers they have and the amount they are hauling... If asked about this, I wonder if Miller will faint?


Once again Joe misses pertinent info. What I gleaned from the article is that Miller was not an owner. The owners closed the business! But once again "I" am NOT an expert.

Joe King

Once again, fire111 doesn't read the article and only the comments...Miller was prior owner, he left the same year this accident happened...and yes,you are no expert

, I agree with you.

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