GOSHEN — County officials chose to move ahead with site selection for a consolidated court project after hearing last-second pleas from residents and Elkhart city leaders.

The Elkhart County Council on Saturday voted to go ahead with the purchase of a 33-acre property at C.R. 17 and U.S. 33. The Elkhart County Commissioners recommended the location, which had a price of $585,000 at the time they approved a draft purchase agreement in June, over another one being considered at C.R. 17 and U.S. 20.

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Restaurants and downtown businesses in both Goshen and Elkhart will be negatively affected by this decision. I agree with Rod Roberson and the team that was formed to ask for a an impact study and then move forward after that- just to be thorough. Yoder is full of himself.


The Elkhart city site would be an excellent place to build the new police dept/911/fire headquarters. But I guess that's too much future vision for governmental thought!

Joe King

As important and long lasting as this decision is, it baffles me as to why this was not put towards a vote and referendum for Elkhart County. Yoder is leaving office and really doesn't care what he does between now and when rogers is in place. I have not heard a single person say they wanted this. Just the commissioners, and probably the developers and land owners.... This should have been voted on by the people of the community...


Here is one person that wants this decision! The site area is smack in the middle of Elkhart County! It is a straight shot east of the Elkhart County Jail. A 5 minute trip. I don't think there are developers Joe. The construction will be put to bid! Maybe Joe! With all you legal expertise you might investigate why this was not put up for referendum. Aren't referendums only available on election ballots in Indiana? I don't know! Do you Joe? If this is able to be put to a referendum..... we vote for you to start the ball rolling! Start organizing NOW Joe! I do think the referenda needs the OK of the State to add it to a ballot! Hurry Joe. Times a wastin!


Just one quick question Joe! Isn't the reason we voted for commissioners and council members to run the county's business? Just sayin Joe. I'm not sure this question on the new courthouse is even allowed on a state ballot. Certainly the state house must OK it's use!

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