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State Sen. Blake Doriot speaks against financial incentives for a $200 million warehouse project during the Elkhart County Council meeting Saturday.

GOSHEN — County officials approved several agreements related to a major distribution warehouse project, with many now assuming the company behind it is Amazon.

The Elkhart County Council on Saturday passed a confirmatory resolution on a tax abatement for the warehouse project, as well as other agreements including an interlocal contract over road construction. The $200 million facility planned for the Elkhart East Industrial Park has been known as “Project Winnie” since it was first made public.

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Elkhart county really depends on RV industry and all its supporting businesses. When the RV shipments are high (Sales) we have high employment numbers and everybody is happy! The industry is not happy with Co like Amazon mostly because they don’t want to compete with the high wages Amazon ($18.00 per hour to as high as $28.00 per hour) + benefits. 1000 new jobs would benefit Elkhart in many ways! The county council wants jobs, but low paying jobs( which do not add to a high standard of living! Think about it, would you leave a $12.00 an hour for $18.00 per hour job? Maybe RV industry needs to raise wages to keep their workers


Don't know how long ya been retired there t s but the website states the average hourly wage in Elkhart county is $22.12 an hour. More proof that wages are improving, the U S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a federal agency, places that hourly rate @ $22.04 per hour!


Yes and the employees actually get to use a bathroom instead of urinating at their work station.

Joe King

Doriot looks to be at his usual….and rambles about nothing…who is paying him? What does he have to gain?


More smoke and mirrors from "Project Winnie""backer and Company. Makes me wonder what kind of employer they will be if they hid behind "non disclosure" just to get tax breaks. I agree with Senator Doriot who are they and what do they have to hid!?! The Council jumps at "Project Winnie" but defeats Elkhart Co. Health Depts. request to approve a grant to help in the health and welfare of workers in our county.

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