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Concord's Zoey Stender swings at a pitch during the Class 4A Warsaw Softball Sectional title game against Northridge this spring. The Raiders posted a 13-0 win

ELKHART —  Riverview Park Softball Complex in Elkhart will host nearly 20 adult and youth softball tournaments this season, including the state’s largest slow-pitch softball tournament of the year.

The Forest River Company Softball Tournament and Picnic will take place over two consecutive Saturdays, on Aug. 10 and 17. Sixty-two teams will compete in 123 games.

“I am proud that we have a venue in Elkhart that can facilitate the state’s largest slow-pitch softball tournament of the year,” Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese said in a release. “This is a great tradition that is fun for both Forest River employees and the public. Each time Forest River puts on a tournament, it is bigger and better than the year before, and I encourage local families to stop by for this free event.”

The format of the tournament will be double-elimination, with teams competing in three divisions: upper, competitive and recreational. Organizing this large-scale tournament is Forest River’s Kevin Reed, affectionately known by many as “Commissioner Reed.”

“I personally want to thank everyone for the help that I received this year and all the teams that signed up for this outing,” Reed said. “I also want to thank Forest River for having this tournament and allowing me to play the role that I have. It is great to give back to our employees and get to work with my wife, Cheryl, who does a great job organizing all of the food.”

In order to accommodate 123 games, play will begin at 7 a.m. on both Saturdays, with the last game starting at 10:30 p.m. While the picnic will be limited to Forest River employees and their families, the tournament will be open to the public at no charge to spectators.

Also cooperating in the event are the Elkhart Parks and Recreation Department, USA Softball of Indiana and Forest River Inc.

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