City to buy Bayer site for police, fire station

Truth file photo The Bayer campus on the northwestern side of Elkhart is being purchased by the City of Elkhart, which will put a joined police and fire station on the site. 

ELKHART — An additional appropriation of $3.4 million was approved Monday night by the Elkhart City Council for investments in a new combined police and fire station.

The council will buy the 157,000-square-foot former Bayer building and 25-acre property on the northwest side of the city for $1.2 million. 

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Will there be a separate room where the police can beat handcuffed suspects without being caught on camera?


I doubt there will be fire apparatus there! Unless the City closes the station on Oak Street , 3 blocks away! I believe it's an administrative office move!

Joe King

Is this the same property Mayor Miller sold to Feed the Children for $1??? Then they stripped it clean and sold everything they could...and is now being sold for $1.2 Million? Back to the City?


Just to help you out Joe! BAYER sold the site to Oklahoma based Feed the Children. I know it's been 16 years since this took place. You kind of get mixed up sometimes! But you were correct about the price of $1. The site was cleaned up and now the City of Elkhart has many acres for expansion of City services. And a viable and improvable building to house many offices strewn out around the downtown. Heck of a deal Joe. Ya just left out the facts!

Joe King

So, Feed the Children, got a heck of a deal (With the City's and Mayor Miller's blessing (pun intended)) for $ create jobs, etc... and now selling the property back for $1.2 million... Great investment.... Yeah, Feed the Children.... Poor ratings and scammers


Very strange Joe. Although I am not surprised! If you read the article about the transaction, the City had nothing invested until the present time. Bayer AG sold the property to Feed the Children for $1. The City paid $1.2 million for 25 acres and a huge building inside the city limits. The infrastructure is already there. It will serve as the new police department and headquarters for the fire dept. A winner all around. I don't know the problems FTC has encountered in the past. What I do know is the line up of semis at their building when there is a natural disaster is impressive. And many teachers from almost all the area schools access classroom supplies for free! I believe FTC operates 6 sites that do this service

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

It is my understanding that this is not the same property. What I have been told is that Feed the Children purchased a different part of the Bayer campus. It is also my impression that Feed the Children bought their property from Bayer, not from the city (but all of this is before my time in Elkhart). Here's a link to some more informaiton:

Tim Stewart

Being a staunch advocate of repurposing existing dwellings, rather than wipe out a woodlot somewhere, this endeavor is perfect. Kudos.


I'm still concerned Thayer still has an acting roll on the Police Department. Scary times folks.....

Joe King

Agree... His comments as acting chief were alarming....


Hey Joe, policing will become much easier when we get your flying cars,right? Do you ever have anything positive to say?


I doubt very much that the existing comm center was built at the end of the Civil War! Elkhart's population was around 3000. No phones! No radios! 1 person ran the fire dept radio. Usually and older fireman no longer assigned to a rig! At 7PM the youngest fireman at the central station took over for the day dispatcher. There was a roll away bed to sleep on by the phone and radio! In the summer the shift chief came to me and said I had a choice. Be the house man/radio man or go to an outside station to fill in for vacations. I chose to run the radio. It was the only sleeping area on the fire dept air conditioned.


I remember WHEN! When the dems built the PD at it's present site. The Republicans argued it's in a flood area. Then a few years later, the Republicans built the FD across the street! Yep! U R correct! The Dems squawked....they are building in a flood zone! lol!

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