ELKHART — The St. Joseph River didn't turn to blood and locusts didn't eat all the crops, but an area north of downtown Elkhart seemed like a scene from the 10 Plagues recorded in the book of Exodus to some people late Monday.

A swarm of mayflies congregated in a large area centered on both sides of the St. Joseph River, with the thickest concentration apparently at the 7-Eleven/Mobil gas station in the 400 block of North Main Street. The cloud of insects coated everything in the area beginning around dusk, especially drawn to bright lights.

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Growing up on the East coast of Michigan, this was also a very normal thing. everyone up there calls them Fish flies though. They would get so bad on the streets that it sounded like you were driving over rice crispies! It's actually a welcome visual for me with memories of my childhood and teenage years growing up on Lake Huron!


The St. Joe River fish love it!


This occurrence has been a staple of the North Main St. bridge area for as long as I can remember. I think they are more prolific in some years vs. others. Good reason to avoid the area if it creeps you out (like it does me).

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