Apartments proposed for Elkhart brownfield

Illustration provided Lion Gate Investors LLC is seeking to build 16 to 20 apartments at the former Walter Piano site on 700 W. Beardsley Ave. This rendering shows what the apartments could look like from the Michigan Street intersection. 

ELKHART — Local investors are proposing to build apartments on a contaminated site on West Beardsley Avenue but need approval from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The 700 W. Beardsley Ave. lot is empty, but Lion Gate Investments LLC is offering $1 to the Elkhart Redevelopment Commission. The developers wish to add 16 to 20 homes to what they said is a part of Elkhart that has historically had a mix of industrial and residential buildings.

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So rock and roll, the new multi million dollar complex on Elkhart Ave. is on such a site!


So rockandroll why would the City care if the party got the land for $1? They know it's contaminated. Brownfields are built on quite a few times! The homes are not houses, they are rental apts. So if the company buys the parcel it goes back on the tax rolls!


So if it's contaminated, wouldn't that have the strong potential to affect the water supply that these unlucky residents would use??


How so? They wouldn't be using a well or ground water???

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

No. The apartments would be connected to city utilities.


Nonetheless, if it's a contaminated site, I would not be surprised to see health issues of some sort manifest themselves.

Would you like to have a house built to live in if you knew beforehand the site was contaminated? Maybe so, but not me.

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