Greenleaf Health Campus

Eight people at Greenleaf Health Campus, an Elkhart nursing home, have died of COVID-19.

ELKHART — Eight people have died of COVID-19 at one Elkhart nursing home.

Greenleaf Health Campus in recent weeks has had a total of 66 cases of the virus – either confirmed or presumed – and currently has 51 between its residents and staff. Eight people there have died of the virus as of Thursday, the company that operates Greenleaf said on its website.

That is half of the 16 COVID-19 deaths reported in Elkhart County.

On April 28, nursing home owner Trilogy Health Services reported 36 of 71 Greenleaf residents had either confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19. At the time, the nursing home declined to say whether any residents had died. As of Thursday, 30 out of 62 residents had confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19. Among the nursing home’s 99 staff members, 21 are positive or presumed positive.

According to the CDC, a presumptive positive result is when a patient has tested positive by a public health laboratory but results are pending confirmation at CDC.

Greenleaf is not reporting how many of its sick residents or staff have confirmed cases and how many are presumed infected by COVID-19. The nursing home reported one recovery so far.

Greenleaf has requested that inquiries from the journalists go through long-term care provider Trilogy Health Services, a Kentucky-based company that owns Greenleaf and other nursing homes. Trilogy did not respond to inquires through email and voicemail.

A spokesperson for the Elkhart County Health Department could not offer any additional information about the COVID-19 outbreak at Greenleaf Health Campus.

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Families are kept up to date on the Covid 19 status at Greenleaf everyday.


Here’s another question for the nursing home. How many of these residents were hospitalized. How many were tested BEFORE they actually died. This is an “outbreak” and should have been reported immediately. If my loved one was in a nursing home I would be demanding answers.

Joe King

Thanks a Trump....I guess you were wrong when you said it would soon be zero deaths in America...


Same spin, different day. Don’t you get tired of being wrong? Trump will win in a landslide and people like you will be the reason. Thanks Joe !!

Joe King

wrong? Trump said back in march, after calling it a hoax and donating 17 tons of PPEs to China that the numbers would soon be 0....his words, not mine....How to you upset a Trump supporter? Quoted them what the president said.....


I think there are more people out there would are thinking like Joe and less ( and less everyday) who think like you, sidearm...........


[beam][beam][beam] That's NOT gonna happen!!!1[beam][beam][beam]


do you have any information on any of the other Nursing homes in Elkhart/County?


They will claim “privacy”. But these are our people and our community. Everyone just wants the best outcome and these nursing homes should be reaching out to the community for support. We care!

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

Hubbard Hill has reported one death, but they have contained their outbreak. They have seven staff members and five residents who are infected, according to their website.

Waterford Crossing in Goshen has one staff members who is positive.

That's all I know for now. The nursing homes are required to share this information with relatives of residents, but not with the public. If there is a particular nursing home that you have concerns about, I will see what I can do to get information about it.


Yes. My Mother-in-Law is at Eastlake in Elkhart. All they are telling us is that one (now former) employee tested positive. They told us they would not test patients until they 'showed signs'.

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