INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Department of Health reported 27 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Elkhart County on Thursday.

That is the highest daily increase yet for the county, topping the previous high of 24 reported on April 27 and bringing the county’s total to 387.

No new COVID-19 deaths were reported in Elkhart County on Thursday. Sixteen county residents have died of the virus.

Statewide, 650 new positive cases were reported Thursday, bringing the total to 22,503. Thirty-one new deaths were reported, meaning 1,295 Hoosiers have died of COVID-19.

Another 119 probable deaths have been reported by the state. Probable deaths are those for which a physician listed COVID-19 as a contributing cause based on X-rays, scans and other clinical symptoms but for which no positive test is on record. Those deaths are not included in the 1,295 number of Hoosiers confirmed to have died of COVID-19.

Elkhart County Coroner James Elliot on Thursday said he has tested two people suspected of having died from COVID-19. He said will not list COVID-19 as a cause of death without having a positive test result, which he has for only one of the deceased.

“I want actual facts,” he said.

Though he understands and shares a concern that some deaths labeled as caused by the coronavirus may have been caused by other conditions, Elliot said he has no concern for that being the case in Elkhart County. He said he is basing his broader concern on what he has seen in the news, not on information he is privy to as a coroner.

For the one COVID-19 death he has confirmed, he also listed as a cause the patient’s underlying medical conditions.

The coroner has investigated only suspected COVID-19 deaths that happened at the deceased home, since hospitals are able to determine a cause of death without the coroner.

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Notice they won't admit almost all deaths are in nursing homes. Its all just part of the prevent DJT reelection smear campaign. Won't work though.


Joe, I have to admit, you are very determined in your belief that Donald Trump is the cause of every bad thing that has happened in this country since he was elected. I feel sorry for you as you must be miserable in the basement by yourself. I picture you as a bug eyed Adam Shiff who needs constant attention and will say anything to get it. Thanks again for your help in reelecting President Trump.

Joe King

Keep drinking the kool aid with the rest of your ends well for you...


well, it does seem that everything he touches or is involved with turns bad....


if any aspect of government determines your perception of health and well being...... no more Dateline /CNN/FB...... plant a garden......

Joe King

Thanks, Trump....but hey, the RV companies and Beaches are open...

common sense

Broken record. Be honest and "Thank China"


are you saying that China has more influence over what takes place in this country than the President?


No kidding. Joe, you should really talk to someone after thanking China.


Why wouldn’t they be open? Avoid the hospital and nursing homes and you will be ok. Joe wants us all to suffer to try to hurt Trump’s re-election campaign. Truly sickening Joe, thanks to guys like you it’s Trump in a landslide.

Joe King

Sidearm and the gop and trump wants you to sacrifice yourself or your loved one in order for trump's numbers to be better.... He seems to worried more about reelection then Americans. And now we have the jobs report...Worst since the Great Depression!!! He took the improving economy handed by Obama to what it is now! All because he thought it was a hoax and didn't believe the reports, the intelligence communities and other countries...We are here from our lack of preparation and disbelief in science... The virus may have originated in China, but what our country didn't do and continues to do is embarrassing...Trump continues to lie saying anyone who wants a test can have one...that there are plenty of tests...all not true... This is what happens when a failed entertainer and failed businessman tries to run a country like his failed business... about now, he would be leaving and filing for bankruptcy...

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