Kevin Bullard and David Henke

Elkhart City Councilmen Kevin Bullard and David Henke said Mayor Rod Roberson should have gone through the council to provide incentives for city employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

ELKHART — Two City Council members are challenging the legality of Mayor Rod Roberson’s executive order from last week, which gives city employees who are vaccinated for COVID-19 two additional paid days off.

Councilmen David Henke, R-3, and Kevin Bullard, R-at-large, questioned why the proposal was not sent to the council, which is the city’s legislative body and gets to decide how the city’s money is spent.

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Cheryl W.

The cost of not getting vaccinated is much greater than this very creative plan. If you understand the plan you will see the time off is not able to be taken if staffing needs are not met. Henke needs something to complain about as usual. The mayor and the team came up with an good solution. Another option would be to go through CC and pay out the money.


Cheryl W.... the ability to staff emergency services is covered by contract! In fact this very day an engine company is cut out of service because of lack of manpower. This puts the citizens of Elkhart in danger and the administration is playing the odds that a major problem does not arise for the fire dept! A story just run in the Elkhart Truth admits the PD is operating under lack of manpower. The chief now wants civilian employees to do un cop duties. Whatever that is! Civilian crime techs and statisticians? Just pay the cash money @ normal pay rates. OT is time and a half! Once again .... there are not enough vacation slots available to give 258 additional days off!

Cheryl W.

Thank you. It is clear you have a better understanding of the details.


Bullard and Henke are correct. Just pay out cash for 2 extra work days off! There is minimum staffing per contract. Per shift manpower is minimum 32 or 33 personnel! There are not enough slots on the vacation list to give these days off . If you pay each firefighter you are paying @ straight hourly rate! If you call in OT the pay is at time and a half. Once again the other option is to cut rigs out of service. Remember you also have firefighters off on sick days, injury days, personal days etc. If you cut rigs out of service, you are putting lives in danger. Firefighters and the public that pay for the protection. Executive fiat is a danger! Especially without fore thought!

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