ELKHART — A city council proposal expressing support for the Elkhart Community Schools tax hike on the ballot in May is inappropriate, says Councilman David Henke, R-3.

Henke, during a discussion of the issue Monday night, also accused two of his colleagues of having conflicts of interest.

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Joe King

I support the teachers. I support the nurses. I support the bus drivers. I support the custodial and support staff. Even as the Republican leaders try to cut public schools in Indy with their voucher programs, it’s time the people of Elkhart step up and support the public school system even more. Better schools, better jobs, better people, better communities. Ignore the fake rhetoric being repeated...


Be honest Joe, what you really support is the union.


28 positions @ ECS at or above $100,000. 1 above $200,000. Many many more above $65,000 for part time work. About 36 weeks a year! Bus drivers are part time, most custodial, cooks etc work only part time. How would you like to have 16 weeks vacation and all summer off, Christmas vaca, spring break, Thanksgiving break , semester breaks and full pay!


What about all the money in the fabulous COVID relief package? Use those tax dollars instead. I heard most of it is just sitting there for now.


Nah, we blew that on masks and a nice little bottle of sanitizer give to Elkhart people who most likely already had these things anyways.....Unlike private business and households, Schools and Gov't are the only entities I know that always try to align their income with their expenses instead of the other way around...


Councilman Henke is correct. The City Council should not express an opinion on increasing School taxes. It would be like the County Commissioners saying the City of Elkhart should (or should not) increase property taxes. Ain't none of their business.


Noted that those who approve to express an opinion are all democrats as is the mayor. Has a democrat ever came out and said no to a tax increase. Fire has a great point, where are the savings? They were never there to begin with,


While I don't have a say in Elkhart's civil city budget, I do have a say in the school budget. What DID happen to the big savings the carpetbagger previous super promised? The budget for ECS is twice the Elkhart Civil City budget!


I guess the mayor should just have said nothing. That aside! What happened to all that money ECS was going to save by consolidating high schools ? Remember the story the carpetbagger superintendent sold the city on?


The school is saving money on consolidating the high schools. Do your homework. That the City Council even needs to show their support for a referendum is what is sad. Mitch Daniels started the defunding and deterioration of funding public schools and the referendum is needed because of this. To be #41 in teacher pay is embarrassing to Indiana. Local districts wouldn't have to ask for increased taxes if legislators would fund schools. Back to the point- A great deal of money is being saved by the consolidation. EVEN with that savings and many other areas of cuts and savings, there is a need. School funding is complex and I encourage you to dig in and learn more. The current Superintendent is great!


You sound like the leader of a pep rally for Elkhart Community Schools. You mention more than once that consolidation is saving money. Please tell us where these savings are. We seem to have a high number of ECS employees making high salaries that are not teaching, not interacting with students on a daily basis. The athletic director makes $100,000.00 plus and has assistants to help him. How many assistant principals do we really need?

SanFran Kid

For once I agree with Henke on this,Vote No for raising your property taxes

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