ELKHART — Renowned Elkhart businessman and philanthropist Arthur “Art” Decio died Friday, according to the Mayor’s Office.

He was 90.

Art Decio and Robert Kennedy

Art Decio speaks as Robert F. Kennedy visits Elkhart. 

Art Decio and Father Ted Hesburgh

Art Decio was a big supporter of the University of Notre Dame and was given an honorary degree by university president Rev. Theodore Hesburgh.

Art Decio and Father Ted Hesburgh

Art Decio as a boy

Art Decio grew up in Elkhart. He became a successful businessman and a significant philanthropist.

Art Decio as a boy

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Rasmus, great article. You excelled in your portrayal of him. Congratulations on getting to be the one to write about him at his passing. When I was 10 years old I got the honor of handing him the award for Elkhart's Italian American of the Year. There's a photo that made the paper of him and me. That was year 1971, I believe, he was 41.


There is a celebration in heaven today as Mr Decio is reunited with his wife Pat. You could not spend 10 minutes with Art without him showing the picture of Pat that he carried in his shirt pocket always. I remember him stopping by our table at Calabria’s restaurant years ago and introducing himself to my youngest daughter. To my surprise she said thank you for making it possible for me to watch Sesame Street. His was a life well lived and anyone who knew him is better for it.

Joe King

What a great tribute to a great man. He will be missed.


We agree Joe!

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