ELKHART — City of Elkhart expenses will grow by $5.5 million in 2021 if Mayor Rod Roberson’s budget proposal is approved. Revenue is expected to decrease by about $200,000.

The higher level of expenses is largely due to salaries, which will be up by roughly $3 million along with another $1 million increase in benefits compared to the 2020 budget. Most of the salary increases have already been approved by the City Council, either as the result of late-2019 collective bargaining agreements with union staff, a March raise of 2.2 percent to most non-union staff, and a July 1 salary adjustment based on a study aimed at helping the city pay competitively in all departments.

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Revolution 1776

Well this will.be interesting .. I hope they allocated some.funds to clear the meth

dealers out


Increasing costs during a revenue downturn is not something you learn in business class. The salary situation was done before he took office but the mayor would be wise to heed Mr Dawson’s words and wait until revenue increases to spend more.

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