Happy ElkHEART Holidays mask

The City of Elkhart is giving away 25,000 masks, along with hand sanitizer and COVID-19 guidelines for its Happy ElkHEART Holidays campaign.

ELKHART — The City of Elkhart is spending nearly $83,000 in federal funds to provide masks, hand sanitizer and postcards with COVID-19 safety guidelines to 25,000 local residents, according to the Mayor’s Office.

Mayor Rod Roberson’s communications director, Corinne Straight-Reed, said the effort is paid for through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, meaning that it will cost the city nothing.

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Revolution 1776

Wrong use of the money , how about create a video of someone dying from covid, put it on YouTube & tv ads

Then the remainder of the money divide equally between local businesses as a cash payment

Joe King

Great ideal! Glad this is being done...This should have been done months ago, but Trump was still in denial back then. And he has checked out of the game last month, so it is up to the local cities to step up.. At least it will out here during the holidays as a preventative and to help curb the high numbers of positive rates.


I agree, waste of tax payer's money. Too bad it can not be used for food or other necessities.


What this basically means in a Nutshell is we have federal money to blow, and heck, some Elkhart masks and sanitizer would be nice... How about spending it on some fast and accurate in home tests, so people in limbo can get back to their lives, with results in hours instead of 3+ days of trepidation...


Well said. The CARES Act is pretty much a waste of money. We have masks and hand sanitizer here and two towns back where I was born and raised in eastern Ohio used CARES money for new equipment for their fire department and new streetlights.

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