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Drivers on Greenleaf Boulevard often go much faster than the speed limit, according to complaints. The Elkhart Police Department is understaffed and struggles to make the issue a high priority, so residents are calling for other solutions.

ELKHART — City officials plan to conduct a traffic study in the Greenleaf neighborhood in response to complaints from residents about speeding.

“I have been approached now by six different homes on Greenleaf Boulevard about the speed,” Board of Public Safety member Carol McDowell Loshbough said during a board meeting Tuesday. “This morning, as I left to come to this meeting, there was a red car – had to be going 50 miles an hour down Greenleaf right in front of the second entrance into Holly Lane. And it happens all the time.”

Greenleaf Boulevard cars speed limit

Speed signs along Greenleaf Boulevard and Beardsley avenue show a speed limit of 30 or 35 mph, depending on the section. But many drivers do not follow those restrictions, residents say.

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SanFran Kid

Maybe they would have more time,if they didn't drive around in circles downtown,or stop spending time in the industrail parks off CR17,see it daily


Most officers have no time to just drive around. The dispatchers tell them where t go. Maybe you should request a ride along. Then you would know the real duties. Ever wonder why there aren't more traffic stops? Because they don't have time nor manpower to just sit and write tickets!


Summer is the busy time for police officers. They routinely go from call to call then have to file reports. There is very little time to be proactive. Traffic enforcement is proactive. Traffic enforcement could be accomplished by offfering it as an overtime activity.


Walking or riding a bike on Greenleaf is becoming a challenging thing. Some traffic moves really fast and there are some that move very slow. Both can be a problem. My problem is that people walking or riding a bike don’t know or don’t care which side the road to use. This is something that was drummed into my head every day when I was young. You walk facing oncoming traffic so you can see what is coming at you and you ride with traffic. How can people not know this?


I'll agree that most people don't know the "rules" about walking in traffic nor riding a bike! Some don't care! And this last accident happened very late in the day I believe! Put a couple of million dollars worth of sidewalks in. Just like Cass. And no one uses them! The crosswalk islands are a farce on Cassopolis. And one has been run over and demolished already! Beardsley has sidewalks. And the east end of it has been crashed through many times. Unfortunately this last fatal accident is not the only on Greenleaf. And many property damage accidents have occurred on Greenleaf also! Personal responsibility or lack of is usually the culprit!


This is nothing new. In our neighborhood we regularly have morning "Late for work" traffic going 50-60 in a 30 MPH residential area....Plus kids walking in dark hoodies on their phones right in the road at all hours.... An accident waiting to happen....

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