Robert Weed opens on-site health clinic

Robert Weed Corp. employees meet with the Beacon Health System nurse practitioner at Robert Weed’s new on-site health clinic.

BRISTOL — The Robert Weed plywood corporation opened an employee health clinic at its Bristol location.

The purpose of the clinic, which has been opened with the assistance of Beacon Health System, is to offer quality health care as well as convenience and the opportunity to create a relationship with the health provider, a news release said.

The clinic exam room is equipped with an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, cholesterol tester, formulary, and the ability to do blood draws. A nurse practitioner will be on-site to work closely with employees, according to the release.

According to Robert Weed, any service provided in the clinic or any medications dispensed from the clinic are free to their associates.

“Providing a healthy work environment as well as a very rich benefits package is another way that Robert Weed shows its commitment to being a premier employer in our county,” the release said.

“The awesome team at Beacon thinking innovatively really made this project into a reality,” said Cindy Grider, HR director at Robert Weed.

According to the release, the company has been working for years to provide a holistic approach to well-being by offering financial classes on-site, encouraging community involvement and offering way for employees to improve their physical wellness.

Robert Weed associates are looking forward to the clinic as the best benefit that has been offered by the company so far, according to the release, as the on-site clinic means employees won’t have to go somewhere else after work for health checkups or getting prescriptions filled.

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