BRISTOL — Barletta Pontoon Boats, a brand new pontoon boat company located in Bristol, officially launched their new pontoon boat product line Jan. 10.

Barletta participated in the 2018 Chicago Boat, RV & Sail Show and was represented by their dealer partner, Skipper Bud’s. Barletta simultaneously participated in the Minneapolis Boat Show.

During the development of Barletta’s initial floorplan offerings, the Barletta L-Class (luxury), the company was actively pursuing dealer representation in major markets around the United States. With a rather substantial e dealer network in place, Barletta is now receiving retail and stock orders that have accelerated the production ramp-up plan to meet demand, according to a press release issued last week by the company.

Barletta was awarded the 2018 NMMA Innovation Award for the pontoon boat category at the Minneapolis Boat Show.

“Retail and dealer response to the Barletta L-Class pontoon boats has simply been overwhelming,” said Jeff Haradine, Vice President of Sales at Barletta. “As a start-up company, you expect to bring your product to market, and then come back to the drawing board on items where you may have fallen short of expections. That list has been surprisingly, and pleasantly, short...we are full steam ahead with our dealer fulfillment plans.”

Leading the charge for Barletta Pontoon Boats is Bill Fenech, President & Co-Owner. Fenech comes to the marine industry with over 30 years of RV experience, most recently with Grand Design RV in Middlebury. Fenech also brings a reputation of honesty, integrity, and creating company cultures that care and respect for their team-members.

“At Barletta, we are one-team, unified with one be the best pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry,” said Fenech. “We’re not here to be the biggest, or the most profitable; we want to elevate the entire industry. When you take care of your team members, your dealers, and your customers, everything else will take care of itself.”

Despite extremely low unemployment levels in the Elkhart/Bristol areas, Barletta has enjoyed a steady in-flow of employment applications, where other manufacturers may be experiencing difficulty. Barletta has filled positions in the welding, fabrication and assembly departments to meet current demand, but expects to continue hiring to meet future demand.

“If you’re looking to be part of something special, part of a team that works hard to reach shared goals, and gets recognized and rewarded for a job well done, then Barletta Pontoon Boats could be the place for you,” said Fenech. “Stop by and fill out an application today...we are always looking for great people.”

Barletta Pontoon Boats is located at 51687 County Road 133 in Bristol.

Barletta is partnered with Mercury Outboards and Yamaha Outboards. To learn more about Barletta Pontoon Boats, visit or get engaged with us on social media.

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First of all... if you could as a new business apply for them and get them, why wouldn't you.....

Second of all, he certainly has the history of being very successful, more than once, and if he WANTS to pay his employees more that the prevailing rate, that is his prerogative as an intelligent business owner. I'm taking bets this business will be just as successful as previous ones and in a few years he will be taking quite a healthy slice out of South Bay's and Bennington's market, just to name a few.....

common sense

He certainly can pay whatever he wants and yes if they are gonna give him the abatement then he would be stupid to not apply. The point is the Council shouldn't be giving these abatements in the current economy. My problem is with the Council, not the business owner.

common sense

I wonder if they are able to find employees because they can pay a little more due to the tax abatement they were given by our county (leaders?). If I were one of the other boat manufacturers or other employer struggling to find employees, I wouldn't be happy. Giving tax abatements to spur more development in the current labor market makes no sense. That is a tool that should be used when needed. It is not now.

common sense

Also, just wondering. What commercial real estate company was handling that property?

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