Historical Museum mulls relocation

The Elkhart County Historical Museum, located since 1968 in what used to be Bristol High School, is considering a move.

BRISTOL — The possibility of relocating Elkhart County Historical Museum is creating a stir, although plans are only just being considered. 

According to a monthly letter of the Bristol High School Alumni Association, members of the association were invited to attend the Elkhart County Park Board’s recent meeting about the future of the museum.

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Every been there Joe? It's a huge very open building with very little insulation. Elevators are VERY expensive. The west side of the building has area air conditioning all over it. Ever been to a museum Joe? Many artifacts need special humidity controls. Most older wooden furniture will suffer without the correct humidity. As will older fabrics. Some displays may even need light controlled areas. But the tell Joe is this article is a precursor of future important needs.

Joe King

Add whatever you need and add 2 elevators...lt will still be cheaper than relocating and building a new one.... This isn't the Sistine Chapel or is their treasures like that....Do the best with what you have or improve..... We all want Cadillacs, but sometimes we have to have Buick's... I am tired of old building be left to rot or be discarded when it can be preserved and improved.... Its a historical museum.....in a historical building....


Once a gain Joe, you show no ability to think . Logic and this article tells us the "old" Bristol school has probably served it's usable life. The Elkhart County Historical Museum has been around almost 52 years. Almost all the time at the "old" school. After a cursory check the other day, I found 6 ineffective room style air conditions hanging on the building. And another 4 central type air conditioners in the rear of the school! Add the statement that the building is serviced b y 1 boiler...well the curator and other staff still can't control the humidity and temp. But I understand your newly found career of HVAC expert and documentarian! Then there is the elevator problem. Let's look at the fact that second floor is probably not handicap accessible. So if the "old" building can take the stress of renovation for an elevator capable of human occupation and also handle possible heavy weight loads of museum displays....that may add 10s of 1000s of dollars. Maybe a move to the OxBow park would boost attendance. It's quite centrally located. It has the advantage of people in the park using it.

Joe King

So the building needs a new HVAC system and elevator....other than that its good? That seems like a no brainer... Even a state of the art system with solar panels and a new elevator will be cheaper than relocating and building a new one.... It s Museum, they need to conserve the historical building and renovate it better....

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