Bristol seeks participation in 2030 vision survey

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BRISTOL — Town officials have launched the process of creating the community’s first comprehensive plan, one aimed at 2030, “A Grand Vision for our Hometown.”

The plan will serve as the town’s guiding policy document to engage the community to create a long-term vision, address the major challenges in town, and create solutions that offer better choices for where and how people will live, work, move and play in Bristol.

The plan will not be successful or meaningful unless it reflects the goals of residents, officials said, so it is crucial that the town get as many people as possible engaged in the process. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to fill out the Bristol 2030 Survey at

“Bristol is my home and will be for many years to come,” said Lauren Bailey, a Bristol resident and Steering Committee member. “The survey is important in ensuring that my children live in a place that is always striving to be better. I’m excited to represent Bristol families on this committee and will work hard to make sure our community’s voices are heard.”

The Steering Committee is seeking public input on the grand vision of Bristol in 2030 and the major challenges the town faces. Paper copies of the survey are available to fill out at town hall and the public library.

Over the next several months, the town will have a variety of other engagement opportunities that will include facilitating small group discussions at community events and meetings. Group discussions will focus on answering questions related to topics that matter to the community. Those interested in staying informed of plan updates and notifications for future events, can follow the town on Facebook @bristolindiana.

Involvement will set the framework to guide community leaders and officials on how Bristol will grow, identify where growth should occur, the type of development that should occur, areas to preserve, and provision of public services to support today’s residents and those tomorrow.

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