bristol plan pic

Pictured is the cover image from a draft of Bristol's 2030 Comprehensive Plan

BRISTOL — Bristol has updated its master plan to take the town into 2030.

The comprehensive plan identifies Bristol’s assets and the values of its residents, and lays out opportunities and challenges to be taken up over the next decade. It was adopted by the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners this week when the board voted to include Bristol’s new plan in the county’s own comprehensive plan.

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Maybe. Just maybe!! A good starting point would be to enforce standing zoning problems and ordinances. The west end of town out by ADEC has a burgeoning junkyard. Cars that have not been operable for years, are not licensed and junk surrounding the garage and home. On Maple street a junkyard that has been allowed to fester for years. On St. joseph St directly across from the church is a house that certainly can not pass any building codes in the county! Cars and trucks parked in yards not on required hard surfaces, car parts and tires on town property. No one cares! I have complained to 3 town managers and also various town board members. No one cares but let's make a plan ! Yeah sure! One town manager told me it was up to the town marshal to enforce ordinances. The ex marshal said he would NOT enforce the ordinances. Wasn't his job! Now that manager is long gone as is the marshal and another town manager also. Nothing done. The new town manager and I had a talk and he told me the town was hiring a person to enforce ordinances. That person has been hired and still no movement! Future plans? BUNK!

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