BRISTOL — A Bristol trailer company has been fined for safety violations related to the use of a table saw in its plywood department.

Stealth Trailers LLC has reached a $5,525 settlement agreement with the Indiana Department of Labor after it was issued four serious safety violations. Together with one non-serious violation, the safety issues carried a proposed penalty of $11,050.

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Rasmus, I understand your hands are tied about the subjects you cover. No news professional could ignore this story happening less than 15 miles from Elkhart. Was the lockdown at Memorial hospital covered?


Another exciting story from Jordan. Why not go out on a limb and do a story about the Juneteenth celebration at Heritage Square on June 19th? At least 5 people shot, at least one dead, destruction of private property, interruption of Father’s Day business for others as the area was locked down for hours. Also, a hospital being overrun by party attendees trying get news about the victims. Sounds a little like a Chicago weekend day. I was told by Rasmus that the Truth doesn’t cover Granger and therefore did not report the story. But keep us up to date on minor OSHA violations in Bristol as it is very important for us to know that.

Joe King

The above white privileged comment brought to you by an oblivious white person in modern times. Thank you for proving more work needs to be done.


Another Joe King fantasy story. Please Joe fill us in about your past endeavors where you so skillfully represented others. I love those types of tales!


Yes Joe you are correct,more work by the press needs to be done. They had to lock down Memorial Hospital because of the madness. How does this not make front page news? I guess I am privileged. I grew up in a 2 parent home, went to school when school was for learning basic skills to survive in the real world. Not that way today. Personal responsibility is gone, replaced by wokeness and the press, including our local paper ignores the madness. Just like SGT Schultz, they hear nothing, they see nothing and they know nothing. Our future has never looked bleaker. God Bless America.

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

Sidearm, as I explained, and as you mentioned, we didn't cover this because it was outside of the area that we generally cover. It has been covered a lot by the media that do cover Granger. If this had happened in Elkhart County, it would have been our top story.

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