Bethany Christian

Bethany Christian Schools is moving classes online due to coronavirus.

GOSHEN — Due to community health safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Bethany Christian Schools will discontinue on-site classes starting Monday through the end of spring break, April 12. School may reopen on Monday, April 13, pending future developments.

Bethany students come from homes throughout the county and beyond, the school said.

“We are committed to keeping our students and employees safe and their families healthy,” Head of School Tim Lehman said. “We want to do our part for our families and the wider community by limiting large gatherings – with a student body of nearly 300 students, this essentially would be every day.”

Bethany Christian was one of the first schools in the region to implement e-learning days in 2014 for weather-related cancellations. With years of experience in remote learning, the school said it is equipped to manage a prolonged closure for the well-being of the school community. Teachers will continue to work and plan lessons. School offices will remain open, though some staff may work remotely.

All school events, including sports practices and games, are canceled during this period. Academic work, however, will continue. Teachers will adapt lesson plans to feature some new programs that allow interactive work online.

“Google has made available some free tools during this outbreak to enable schools to do more online shared work. We will be orienting our faculty to those tools in the next few days,” Lehman said. “Employees will be compensated as usual throughout this period, including our cafeteria and custodial staff.”

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