Johnson and Modrell intersection flashing stop sign

All intersections in the Woodlawn neighborhood are getting stop signs as a result of a study in the area showing that residents were correct that through-traffic caused dangerous conditions.

ELKHART — After years of trying to convince city officials, residents in the Woodlawn neighborhood are getting the stop signs that some of them have been advocating for.

The city has been aware of issues with motorists using residential streets as a shortcut between Cassopolis and Johnson streets, and residents have been frustrated and scared, especially since some drivers tend to speed through the neighborhood and one intersection in particular has seen many crashes.

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The area being discussed was my FD sector for 30+ years. Yes! There were more stop signs years ago. Glad to see them returned. There was even a round-about during the Moore administration. What an abomination for fire vehicle operation! There has always been stop signs on Sunset, Modrell, and Woodlawn , east and west bound! and yes the problem IS speed! Too bad drivers can't obey laws.

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