Covid graph 7-30-20

Elkhart County positive COVID-19 cases per day appear to be going down, but hundreds of tests have yet to be processed. 

ELKHART — Another three Elkhart County residents have died of COVID-19, according to the Indiana State Department of Health.

The newly reported deaths date back as far as July 19 and bring the county’s death count to 75. All 75 occurred within a time span of four months.

Indiana as a whole reported 13 deaths on Thursday. The state has seen a clear decrease in the number of deaths, which peaked at 50 on April 22. Elkhart County, which has a lower mortality rate than the state, has not seen the same decrease, as 30 of the 75 deaths in the county occurred in July, making it the deadliest month so far.

ISDH on Thursday reported 44 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Elkhart County, out of results from 287 new individuals being tested, keeping the preliminary seven-day moving average for new cases flat at 40, which if accurate would be one of the lowest seven-day averages since May.

County officials have said that getting test results can take more than two weeks, so it is likely that more current cases will be confirmed later.

The new data bring the county’s totals to 4,467 confirmed infections and 33,352 individuals tested.

Indiana as a whole reported one of the highest numbers of new cases so far, at 970. The total number of confirmed positive cases in the state is 65,253. ISDH reported results from 11,644 individuals on Thursday, bringing the total number of people tested in Indiana to 735,848.

Elkhart County’s positivity rate, which is 13.4 percent overall, as compared to the state’s 8.9 percent, has dropped recently and now sits at 6 percent in the seven-day moving average, making the local positivity rate lower than the state’s, which is at 6.9 percent.

Local officials are warning that what looks like a positive trend for Elkhart County is based on preliminary data.

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